Practice Groups

Local Groups for Relatedness & Collective Learning

In our Practice Groups, we grow through meditation, self- and co-regulation, a deeper expression of our authenticity and intimacy of our connection to the divine. Practice Groups are not therapy groups or trauma healing groups. The basic skills for relating and Transparent Communication that Practice Groups focus on are foundational for work on trauma integration, which is done in the International Labs and in Collective Trauma Integration Processes. Groups also consider current topics, share life issues and potential solutions, have inspirational dialogues, and explore Thomas Huebl’s teachings. The field of supported practice in a community allows for collective learning to arise.

Practice groups can serve as guideposts on our journey of inner and outer growth. In order to address personal, ancestral and collective trauma, we need to grow our vessel first. Practicing basic skills with like-minded individuals in a caring and nurturing environment continually reconnects us to the depth of what we are learning in this field and provides a pillar of support.

Practice Groups come together regularly for precise skill development and embodiment of the foundations of trauma-informed living, with a focus on the key skills of presence, relating, witnessing and Transparent Communication. We learn to apply these key skills in our everyday lives, and to process the challenges that arise naturally as we do that.

Practice Group Leader Trainings

Leaders of practice groups have completed a special Practice Group Leader Training, the Timeless Wisdom Training or are part of the Core Group, and remain current by attending regular annual workshops to deepen their skills. As our group leaders enrich their own personal practice and share their expertise, the local community benefits. 

Europe & Global

The practice group leader training hosted in Europe is conducted bilingually in German and English, and can also be booked as a pure online version. The next starting date will be announced soon.

US & Global

The U.S. Practice Group Leader Training will be taught online by Thomas Hübl’s authorized instructors, Eva Giedt and Rae Riedel. It will be conducted in English.

Our current practice groups

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Practice Groups Coordination Team

Susanne Ahlendorf, Eva Giedt and Rae Riedel coordinate and cultivate the Practice Group field. They lead the Practice Group Leader trainings US & EU. And they organize refresher meetings and trainings for Practice Group Leaders.


Susanne Ahlendorf

PGL-Training EU/Global
Eva Giedt

Eva Giedt

PGL-Training US/Global

Rae Riedel

PGL-Training US/Global

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