Training Report

In May 2018 we completed the Pocket Project’s first one-year training in working with collective and intergenerational trauma. The program began and ended with a five-day seminar in Israel with Thomas Hübl and his assistant team. In between seminars there were online classes, as well as mentoring and supervision groups to support and shape the mutual work. A group of 152 participants from 39 countries formed to explore collective and intergenerational trauma and the different dynamics related to this topic.

Thomas is deeply inspired and touched by the Pocket work:

Thomas Hübl revealing deeper trauma layers with the training participants

We have finished a very powerful time in Neve llan with our group from 39 countries. It is clear that we are all very passionate about the importance and the enormity of the collective trauma issue in the world. We had two direct experiences with Colonialism and the Holocaust where we felt the power of the collective unconscious and how it affects every one of us. Only when we have a direct experience of a collective trauma process, can we really get a glimpse of the effects that such a denied field of experience has on us – even if created many generations ago – as individuals and culture. Before that I believe we have a mental, rational understanding – but we can’t refer it back to a felt experience. That’s why I see this as a pioneering field of exploration.” (Thomas Hübl)

One year of intense exploration and involvement is coming to an end, and for most of the training participants it is already clear that this is just the beginning of a new movement. This movement has a clear focus on contributing to the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture.

Along with the involvement and the dedicated study of the teaching materials that were provided by Thomas Hübl and the mentors, many of the training participants were included in the ongoing effort of building and establishing the Pocket Project Organization.

Happy participants after receiving their certificates

Different streams of activities and groups are forming to continue the work and deepen the teachings around newly forming Pocket Groups, Competence Centers, the online platform and the overall structure for the Pocket Project global organization.

Nicholas Janni, one of the assistants and mentors of the training as well as a member of the Core Team of the Pocket Project, describes his experience during the training and it’s after effects:

As Thomas said during the training, our nervous systems literally went through an expansion, because of  the ‘size’of what we chose to open ourselves to. That is no small thing! And while I was personally at first a little disoriented and depleted after we finished, I experience more and more how I am now clearly living in a different and ever changing reality to the one I was in, on April 28th.

Marlene, one of the training participants, relates her experience during the training:

The Pocket Training revealed to me the essence of our connection with Earth in a new depth. I am deeply touched by the truth of this connection, and by the truth of the pocket work.

There will be a continuation of this powerful work, the details are still being worked on. It is certain that a second training will follow. As soon as the details and dates are clarified we will share this information with you.

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