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Focussing on the War in Ukraine

A rapid cumulative display of crises is changing all of our lives. The Climate Crisis, coupled with Corona, now compounded by the War in Ukraine and rising prices, is re-awakening hidden trauma layers and leading to increased stress, anxiety and polarisation. We aim to prevent a dangerous downward spiral of rising collective fear. If we can anchor ourselves and help to ground others, we become more able to respond appropriately to each situation.

Our international teams of facilitators, therapists, coaches and consultants donate their time to offer Support Calls with the goal of resourcing individuals and cultivating social stability. These calls serve as an intervention during the unfolding of events to minimise the increase of collective trauma. Together, we are building a global healing impulse which directs its efforts to wherever the need is strong.

In 2020, through our Covid Aid Project, we directed our volunteer effort to offer 147 calls in English, German, and Spanish which served 2515 Participants. Now, in 2022, we direct our capacity to support Ukrainians.

There projects are run through donations and volunteer efforts. If you wish to support, please donate here. 

If you would like us to offer a Well-Being Call for your country or aid organisation, please contact us here:

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If you are a volunteer in Germany supporting Ukrainians:

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To feel the problems of our world is to know its suffering, but this requires compassionate “response-ability.” If we fail to address the world’s collective trauma with clarity and compassion, we imperil the survival of our children and our children’s children – and countless other species. – Thomas Hübl

Ukraine SUpport Project

On February 24th 2022, Ukrainians woke up to the sound of bombs and missiles, and the war ist still ongoing today. Safe spaces, where we can collectively begin to witness our experience together, are needed. So far, we are engaging in four subprojects to bring support to Ukrainians.

Health & Support for Ukrainian refugees - Germany

Health & Support for Ukrainians in Ukraine and elsewhere

Ukrainian participation in the Trauma-informed Leadership Course II

Advanced Psychological Training -