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Applied Trauma-Informed Leadership - Online Course


Welcome to the Applied Trauma-Informed Leadership Course, which is a transformative experience of personal and collective healing in times when we feel polarized, exhausted and disempowered. You will learn how to create trauma-informed cultures that are based on the principle of care.

This course will equip you with vital tools and frameworks to cultivate presence, resilience, and compassionate leadership within trauma-informed contexts. You will learn why understanding the neurobiology of trauma and the ethics of care becomes essential in navigating difficulties with empathy and wisdom. Learn techniques for self-regulation, relational attunement, and ethical restoration, enhancing your ability to respond adeptly to stress and trauma. 

Explore ancestral healing, collective trauma integration, and sustainability, deepening your capacity for ethical decision-making and inclusive practices. Join us to become an acupuncture point for trauma-informed care, fostering global healing architectures and ethical leadership. Embrace the future of responsive care and collective restoration.


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