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The Pocket Project is developing the annual Climate Consciousness Summit for the coming cycle of 7 years until 2030.  We aim to initiate the inner and outer transformation needed for true climate action to emerge. 

We bring a trauma-informed approach to climate consciousness and action, acknowledging that trauma lies at the root of our inaction in the face of Climate Change. Trauma symptoms of numbness, apathy, hyper-activation and fragmentation dramatically slow down our ability to respond adequately and implement climate agreements. Our lack of relationship to the crisis is part of the crisis.

Our team is working hard behind the scenes, carefully curating all the summit content just for you. From thought-provoking keynotes to updates from COP 28 and mindfulness practices, we’re putting together something special.

Within 48 hours of the interview, stream or mindfulness practice going live, our team will add the content here for you to access indefinitely.

Thanks again for your support. In doing so you have helped this summit to reach all corners of the globe with free insights, tools and practices for trauma-informed climate action.

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