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Trauma-Informed Women in Leadership - Online Course


Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Women in Leadership Course! The course is a progression from the Trauma-Informed Leadership Course 2022, offering access to all those materials, but adding a uniquely feminine perspective. We celebrate the power and beauty of women. We celebrate how far we have come since our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers started raising their voices. 

From May to October 2023 we unfold our potential as women who dare to step into spaces where love and power meet. The world is calling for us to deepen our relatedness, with ourselves and each other, with our teams and our ancestries, with our dignity and humility. 

Each of us can become a focal point for coherence and safety. Each of us can start to create healing architectures around us. As we awaken our resourcing and resilience as women, we empower ourselves to meet, address and heal individual, ancestral and collective trauma. Our collective wounds need a collective body to heal. 

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