An Inner Exploration of ‘The South’

History, Identity, Trauma & Resource in the Southern United States

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

The history and culture of the Southern United States is inextricably linked to that of the US as a whole. Our intention is to explore our relationships – individually and collectively – with the complex archeology of trauma and resilience, othering and belonging in this region and look at how our conditioning affects the entirety of the country and beyond. Through a deeper sensing of how the South lives in each of us, we hope to support the healing of the multi-layered collective traumas centered in the South and offer something unifying to the collective field.

Who is invited to participate?

Those interested in a holistic exploration of self-awareness, individual integrating, and social healing through the lens of the historical layers and racial and cultural diversity of the South, whether from this region or not, are invited to apply. This lab is not merely an intellectual exercise but one that involves sensing and feeling together while touching on collective history, trauma, resilience, and restoration. Participants will receive facilitation of relational regulation, embodied integration, and contemplative spiritual resources, and they may also need outside support for processing individual needs beyond what the lab context can offer.

More about the journey of the Lab

Our lab will follow the cycles of nature. We will include the energy of the seasonal and moon cycles to help support our resourcing and alignment with the flow of all life. We will also take our time, touching into what arises, when it is ripe for exploration.

When will we be meeting?

This lab will meet on the second Sunday of each month at 2pm CT. We will begin February 11, 2024, and continue on a monthly basis until December 9, 2024, with one additional session scheduled at some point mid-year. Each lab meeting will last two hours.