Collective & Intergenerational Trauma in Lebanon

Exploring Effects of Trans-generational & Collective Trauma in Lebanon

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

We will explore * What is the historical background of collective trauma and resilience in Lebanon? * How do collective and trans-generational trauma influence the construction of identity and the process of  ‘othering’? * How do collective and trans-generational traumas influence the development of cultural architecture? * How does our use of language reflect and reinforce the contemporary effects of these traumas? * How do collective and trans-generational traumas manifest themselves in times of crisis (e.g. economic crisis, Covid-19, climate crises)? * Can coherent we-spaces and the process of witnessing collective and trans-generational trauma lead to integration?

Who is invited to participate?

People interested in supporting the collective conscious of Lebanon together are most welcome. We ask you * To be willing to participate in all online meetings for the duration of the lab. * That all personal exchanges within this lab will be kept confidential, the names of other participants will not be disclosed nor will information about them be shared. * That you take self-responsibility for your health – this lab does not provide a space for therapy or treatment. We are mindful and supportive. * That you are free from the influence of drugs.

More about the journey of the Lab

We will identify key traumatic events and periods and their reverberations into today. What is it that seems ‘normal’ to us, but is a trauma consequence? Which traumas are in the foreground (e.g. regional occupations, civil war, conflicts with Israel, Syrian occupation, economic crisis, political crisis, etc.)? In a second step, we examine which cultural self-understandings and tendencies in Lebanese society can be traced back to collective trauma layers and trans-generational trauma transmission. What is visible and tangible? In doing so, we seek to find a good balance between expanding our perception and respecting our limitations and their protective functions.People holding Israeli passports can not participate in the lab to ensure safety of Lebanese participants.

When will we be meeting?

We will meet once a month online on Thursdays (with exceptions): Jan 18 Feb 22 March 21 April 24 Wednesday Mai 22 Wednesday June 27 July 25 Aug 22 Sept 19 Oct 24 Nov 21 Dec 19Duration 2 hours, time 8:00 pm Dubai, UAE, 6:00 pm Lebanon, 5:00 pm Germany, 1:00 pm ART Buenos Aires, Argentina and 8:00 am Vancouver, Canada