Pathways to a Decolonized Future

Exploring the Ongoing Impact of Colonization & How We Can Begin to Heal It

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

A deeper awareness is emerging in our personal and collective body of the impacts of war and colonization, past and present. The intensity and complexity of these traumatic impacts in our world can bring up intense feelings and perspectives that create repeating cycles of polarization and violence. This lab will offer a space for us to explore the legacy of generations of colonization, as they live in our body, mind, societal structures and relationship to the natural world. A dynamic exploration of creative and emergent ways of relating to our past, present and future will be part of our journey.

Who is invited to participate?

This is an open invitation for 25 people who feel drawn to this process and the practices that are an essential part of it. Alongside practices of resonant attunement and embodied presence we will include movement, dance, poetry, and ritual space to support our journey. There will be a simple application process to discern if whoever applies has sufficient resources to support them in what will be an intense experiential process.

More about the journey of the Lab

Our journey begins with some basic training in core capacities that will support us in working with the activation and discomfort that arise when we meet defensive structures in ourselves and others. We will learn to speak from our embodied experience, to stay present without needing to know or control, and to meet what arises with kindness and skilful means. From here we will move through the basic template of the Collective Trauma process, with a strong focus on discovering diverse and creative pathways and antidotes for the traumas of colonization, oppression, privilege and patriarchy.

When will we be meeting?

1 x 2-hour Zoom meeting per month at 6pm UK time, 7pm CET, 10am pacific, 1pm eastern. The day of the week will depend on who joins the lab and what works for all of us.1 x 20-minute podcast a month to be listened to in your own time as orientation to each monthly Zoom.1 x 90-minute triad a month, time to be negotiated by the triad.