Victim – Perpetrator Dynamics Through the Individual, Generational & Collective Lens

What Holds the Past Alive in Us Today? How Do We Ease and Release the Entanglement?

Online | English

What will we be exploring in this Lab?

Transgression binds victims and perpetrators together and the entanglement may impact our sense of safety, identity, freedom and belonging. What is the residual impact of victimisation and perpetration upon our emotional, mental and physical being? What steps can we take, as individuals and communities, to reconcile the trauma that might hold persons and systems in a state of stasis/reaction? This lab looks to practically work what it takes to shed light on the entangled past alive in us today, then looking at what it means to step forward into the future with a coherent and compassionate response.

Who is invited to participate?

Whoever is committed to truthfully explore how victimisation and perpetration dynamics are alive in them personally, trans-generationally and collectively. While it may challenge ethical notions and beliefs, this lab will focus on participants’ felt experience, rather than on theoretical discussions or analysis of current conflict situations. Participants are expected to bring personal resources to this exploration and/or to seek support outside of the group session if and when needed. This lab is not recommended for people going through current emergency situations since a certain level of safety is required to be able to touch these wounds.

More about the journey of the Lab

Over a 12-month journey, we will explore aspects of victimisation, perpetration and the dynamic between the two within personal, intergenerational and collective spheres. Through meditation practices, somatic experiences and compassionate presence, we will hold the intention to increase individual and group awareness, focusing on witnessing and space holding capacities. These explorations may also be informed by poetry, music and/or other artistic expressions. Small group interactions are quintessential for sharing personal stories and histories which will inform our group learning and unfoldment. In the latter part of the year, sessions will focus on integration, resilience and post traumatic growth.

When will we be meeting?

Monthly meeting on Wednesday at :10:00-12:00 pm PT || 7-9pm CET || 8-10pm Israel
Dates for the lab:
Jan 31st
Feb 21st
March 20th
April. 17th
May 15th
June 26th
July  10th
August  21st
September 18th
October  30th
November 27th
December 11th