The Legacy of White Privilege & Collective Trauma in the US

The Legacy of White Privilege & Collective Trauma in the US

Facilitators: Jennifer Krier & Adriana Mascolli Fontes; trainees: Hannah Sadtler, Christine Gericke
Language: English


We are inviting participants that identify themselves as white to come together to do our work. We understand that a foundation element of current times is for us, white people, to do our deep work around our identity – to understand and feel what we have not before. By that we mean to sit together, to do practices, to explore and witness what becomes available to us in relation to our white identity, including the many ways in which we avoid being associated with racism. The intention of this work is twofold: (1) to own our participation in maintaining the status quo that perpetuates racism rather than noticing racism as an external event outside us (ie perceiving we are part of the systemic racism); (2) to build resources and resilience that will expand our capacity to stay present and curious in the discomfort of the difficult conversations around racism, to listen without “running away” or becoming defensive when others share (bearing to witness the truth while staying present to our own experience). We invite you to walk these steps along with us, trusting they will lead us to learning and growth and will guide us to take action for transformation.

We intend to create a safe and deep context for participants to explore their White Identity (e.g. by noticing and gaining more clarity of our own experience and participation in racism) – while understanding that this is a crucial step towards creating cross-race dialogue and engagement. We will be creating space to explore white body trauma in the US racist system that prevents us from being present, taking actions and creating change. Connecting with whiteness and racism from our internal/ emotional landscape and body sensations, we may allow new information to come to our awareness and build capacity and skills to hold the process – (i.e. facing what is present and witnessing what is present in the moment – instead of going into unconscious defensive moves …and when those happen, notice them and include them). We intend to create together a group timeline of white identity in the United States.

We will be exploring

  • What constitutes the historical background to White Identity in the US?
  • What constitutes the historical background to racism in the US?
  • How does the trauma of slavery, Native American genocide and immigration influence the construction of White Identity and the process of ‘othering’ e.g. between White and Non-White?
  • What are signs that we can notice in our culture that reflect and reinforce the consequences of these traumas?
  • How do these traumas show themselves in times of crisis (e.g. Covid-19, climate emergencies, social justice movements)?
  • Can we collectively create a coherent we-space and a process of witnessing that leads to an integration and eventual healing of these traumas?

Participants are asked to commit to

We would like to invite our lab participants to commit to start and advance on the following pre-work (that can be finalized through the lab duration):

  • Do a research on your own racial autobiography that includes your Personal timeline of your own understanding of race and your Ancestors’ timeline around relationship with race
  • Read the following books:
    • My grandmother’s Hands (Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies) from Resmaa Menakem
    • White Fragility from Robin Diangelo
  • Learn and honor the principles of Transparent Communications as the base communication form we will use for this exploration
  • Sitting and considering the following questions throughout our exploration:
    • How do I participate in the integration of this trauma and how do I perpetuate it?
    • How have my ancestors participated in this trauma?
    • How do I participate in othering?
    • How is my privilege or lack of privilege entwined with this trauma?
  • Ensure to be free from the influence of drugs.
  • Assume confidentiality – all personal sharing within this Lab will be kept confidential and names of other participants will not be shared, nor will they be described.
  • Assuming self-responsibility for your health – this Lab does not provide therapy or treatment.

Max. group size: 20 – 30

Time: Gatherings of 120 min, 9-11 am Pacific Standard Time, 12-2pm Eastern Standard Time (Please check here to find the time in your location)

Dates: Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17 2020; Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 11, April 15, May 20, Jun 24 2021

Specifically invited: We would like to invite participants that have done substantial personal work in order to have a solid foundation for collective trauma exploration. Participants have to identify as white.

Lab Team

Jennifer Krier
is a licensed clinical social worker, certified somatic psychotherapist, coach, cultural anthropologist and author. Jennifer’s relational and embodied approach is informed by somatic psychology and coaching, talk therapy, trauma, attachment and child state work, and yoga. Additionally, Jennifer offers executive coaching with Mobius Executive Leadership and Seven Stones Leadership Group. Listening deeply, creating safety, including the energetic and mystical dimensions of healing, and encouraging authentic self-expression are cornerstones of her practice. Jennifer has studied with Thomas since 2015 and is a near graduate of his second US-based Timeless Wisdom Training.

Adriana Mascolli Fontes
is a seasoned executive coach and facilitator with more than 20 years of working experience in organizational and leadership development, and team and individual coaching. She combines business experience with practice in designing and facilitating holistic group learning experiences. She is a senior facilitator and coach with Mobius Executive Leadership and Sangha Leadership Group, a certified ICF coach (International Coaching Federation). She is trained in Somatic BlueprintTM (near graduate) and Inherited Family Trauma. Adriana has been studying with Thomas Hübl since 2014, she is a graduate of the Pocket Project Program and near graduate of the Timeless Wisdom Training Program in the US. She is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in the Bay Area in the US.

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