Mystical Principles, as taught and transmitted by Thomas Hübl, give us access to the underlying structures of our reality. They allow us to shift our perception from the surface level of life to perceive at increasingly subtle levels the principles and forces that lie behind the everyday reality.

From the mystical perspective, trauma creates ‘frozen ground’ in the individual and collective field.

This ‘frozen ground’ diminishes the flow of life energy and therefore intelligence and functionality. It is usually surrounded by layers of emotion such as fear, grief, shame and anger. These in turn are often necessarily shielded by numbness.

By developing the POCKET competencies, it becomes possible to hold a space in which these layers can be more nakedly and precisely felt – now, consciously, and in a relational field.

This allows a melting to occur, in which energy can start to move down into and warm the ‘frozen ground’, allowing life energy, intelligence and functionality to be restored.

We study both the universal principles of trauma work, and the specific manifestations in different regions of the world.

Through this we also study ‘shadow language’ – the way in which through unconscious use of language we support fixed structures of trauma in each other and in our culture.

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